Friday, June 6, 2008

The Truth Comes Out

Well, now that I have a year under my belt in the south, I can make my confession: I love country music! I will listen to other types, but country is definitely my favorite. I was discussing this with a co-worker and we each came up with our top five country singers.

1. Toby Keith

2. George Strait

3. Martina McBride

4. Alan Jackson

5. Hank Williams Jr.


Chris said...

Ken and Kim,
So, I copied all of your "What they say" entries and brought them home. I read them to the family, Bec, Ali and Amanda were pretty much hysterically laughing about your "Mr. Incredible." What an imagination!

Amy said...

Alan Jackson + Toby Keith + Hank Jr. + Carrie Underwood = Happy Day

Bren said...

What? No Brad Paisley?