Monday, June 16, 2008

S'More Family Fun

The boys had their first s'mores last night. Calvin was concerned about the mess:

Calvin: Mama, my hands are getting sticky.
Me: Yes, honey, that's the way s'mores are.

Calvin: There's chocolate dripping on me!
Me: MmmHmm, isn't it fun?

It took him a while, but he ended up embracing the sticky-ooey-gooey fun ~

Teddy, on the other hand, prefers his marshmallows pure and undefiled, that is, straight out of the bag. And he knows how to save a bit for later ~
And how did we roast these marshmallows? Ken's preferred method of cooking: the grill ~

He burned his last two marshmallows. He said he was distracted by the pretty girl standing next to him taking pictures. He's so sweet.


Jessica said...

S'mores are lots of fun! Here's our s'more adventure:

RosieBoo said...

How precious! Calvin and Teddy are just too cute!