Thursday, June 26, 2008

Home Stretch II

My wife is very kind and encouraging. I am very excited, I have finished all of my reading (10 books). I have only two papers left for my last of three summer classes. Finally, we found out yesterday that I do not have to take one of the classes I was registered for this that means only three more classes and I graduate!

As an aside, my wife has been very busy. In addition to the full-time job of raising three boys, she finished my resume on Monday evening and painted the bathroom walls and cabinets last night. Now that is real work.

I am proud to be married to you babe!

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Amy said...

Rejoicing with you guys today! (hehehe! Did that sound convincing?)
Seriously, though--Ken, 13 classes in a year is fantastic! We're proud of you, too.
We do still think your retention would be better if you slowed down just a tad...