Sunday, March 16, 2008

Calvin's Birthday Party

We had a great family time last night celebrating Calvin's birthday! He chose a Curious George cake ~

And he received some special gifts. The unexpected hit of the night was the pair of sunglasses sent from Uncle Dan and Auntie Lyndsay. He put those sunglasses on and wouldn't take them off.

Some new sports equipment from Grandpa John and Grandma Patti ~

To get a nice picture of him with his new Noah's Ark set, I said, "Put your head down by the box." Well, Mr. Amelia Bedelia did just that ~

Calvin's recent interest in animals garnished him a new collection of Schleich animal figurines, some from Grandma Maggie, some from Mommy and Daddy, which he displayed beautifully atop the ark ~

Line of the night:

When Calvin opened a box containing his first baseball glove, he said, "It's a . . .it's a . . .finger thing."

A special bedtime with guest storybook readers ~

Grandpa, or "Bop" as Calvin says, read a story book called Cool Boppers Choppers. It's filled with be-bop scat and our "Bop" read it like a pro.

Happy Birthday, sweet Calvin!

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Chris said...

Happy Birthday Calvin!
I just love the picture with Calvin in his new sun glasses. I am sure Patti and John are enjoying their time there and blessed to see how "big" the boys have become.
Happy Easter Ken, Kim, boys and family!