Monday, March 3, 2008

The Things They Say

Some more things Calvin has said that I don't want to forget:

Calvin: What are we having for breakfast today?
Me: Pancakes!
Calvin: Ooh, I can't resist pancakes.

Me: Why didn't you want to talk on the phone last night with Grandpa?
Calvin: I was very nervous.

Me: Teddy Dean! You pooped through your pajamas! Oh no, it's on your sheets.
Calvin: I'm very impressed.

Calvin to me: Teddy took away my toy again. We need to throw him in a pit. (FYI: We had just read about Joseph and his brothers.)

Calvin, after knocking Teddy onto the floor, said to no one in particular: And he fell over like Goliath.

Me, reading aloud from the Read and Learn Bible: "Mary sang a song to praise God. With all my heart I praise the Lord, and I..."
Calvin: Sing it!

Calvin: When I was sleepin' this house started stinkin'.


Chris said...

Ok, my favorite..."We need to throw him in a pit." Sorry, that one just cracks me up!

Danielle S. said...

Ha ha these are hilarious! Hello to you all Schmidt's. I hope you are well.