Monday, March 24, 2008

New Lost theory

My co-worker, Shawn, has a theory about Lost that I want to share. He thinks that Richard is the captain of the Black Rock pirate ship. Think about it, he never ages, he was already on the island before Dharma showed up, he would have the money to finance Ben (treasure from the pirate days) and he would want to protect the island because he has benefited from its "healing" powers for the last four centuries. Also, he needs someone from Dharma (Ben) on his side so that he can benefit from the Dharma technology, communication and transportation systems. That's also why Widmore is bidding on the Black Rock painting and journal: not because he already knows of a connection with the island, but because he wants to find the shipwrecked Black Rock and its lost treasure. Let me know what you think.


Kacie said...

Interesting. It's very possible and would definately explain his inability to age. It would also explain the presence of the rest of the "hostiles" (ie the crew). Did your friend have any theories on Richard's eyeliner? :)

Leah said...

Very good theory, except the Widmore doesn't know about the island part because he knows Penny is looking for Desmond, and that Penny is trying to call the freighter. And Widmore tells the freighter not to answer the phones. I think Widmore knows about the island.

Kim said...

Quite right, Leah, Widmore certainly knows all about the island for the reasons you mentioned. I meant that perhaps back in 1996, when we saw him bidding at the auction, he knew only of the Black Rock and the treasure, and that later, by following the Black Rock lead, he discovered the island. All conjecture, though.