Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow in Kentucky?

Well, I thought we had escaped snowstorms for a short period in our lives. I was wrong. We had a snowstorm yesterday that dumped around a foot of snow on Louisville. To give our northern readers perspective, this is like the Twin Cities getting two to three feet of snow. The city shut down (well except for Macaroni Grill, which was kind enough to let me work last evening). We took a few photos of the snow (to prove that we haven't turned into sissies) and of the boys (minus Teddy Dean who just plops into the snow and refuses to move; think Christmas Story) playing in the snow. It is fun to play in the snow with Calvin, he squeals with delight as he tackles daddy in the snow. However, I did have to shovel my driveway! It took me nearly an hour to clear the snow. Kimberly commented that we should have kept the snoblower. My thought is that we should move further south! I will post some pictures later, blogspot is having problems posting pictures.

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