Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lost: We've got it all figured out, sort of

I go to Seminary Wives Institute on Thursday nights. I come home at about 9:05 p.m., dump my books and coat in the middle of the living room, and sit on the couch next to Ken. Ken has, without fail, put the kids to bed and is sitting watching Lost. We don't say a word until the commercial break. My sister witnessed this last week and must have thought we were nuts. At least we warned her. We barely turn the TV on all week and then at 9 p.m. Thursday evening we become glued to it.

After the last episode, Ken and I are 100% sure that Mr. Widmore is the key to everything. Ken called it from the very first time we were introduced to Mr. Widmore (season 2, I think). We think Mr. Widmore is the financier of the entire Dharma Initiative! So at the auction in 1996, when he buys the secret journal from the Black Rock, he already knows all about the island, because Dharma started in the 1970's. And he knows that the Black Rock was shipwrecked on the island and is filled with unstable dynamite. Perhaps he even knows how the Black Rock came to be two miles inland. Or maybe the journal will hold that answer.

Anyway, I would venture to guess that Mr. Widmore sent Naomi and her team (Dharma people), that he is thwarting Penny's efforts to make contact with the island, that he somehow orchestrated Desmond's shipwreck on the island (Desmond was sailing in a Widmore-sponsored race), and that he is the mysterious "boss" that Elsi worked for in Berlin. Widmore is the one who is out to get Ben Linus (and the rest of the "hostiles" and hostile-sympathizers), because Ben put an end to all the Dharma people on the island.

Think about it: Dharma is costly. Widmore is the only character with enough money to finance it. Well, except for Hurley.

And if anyone out there was also into Alias, another JJ Abrams creation, you'll understand this one: Ken thinks that Jacob is really Milo Rombaldi. Now that's funny.

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Kacie said...

Rembaldi... Hmmm. :) I'm going to be watching for Arvin Sloan during the next crowd scene. I wouldn't be a bit surprised though if Widmore was Elsa's boss. I can totally see it.

Good thinking guys!