Friday, February 29, 2008

About Blogging

I wouldn't blame you if you just glanced at my post yesterday and decided not to read it. Who wants to read a big long block of text with no spaces?!

Here's the thing: I did finish elementary school (college, too), where I learned how to punctuate and put spaces between paragraphs.

Maybe someone can help me figure this out: when I type my post it looks one way, but when I publish a post, it sometimes looks completely different. I lose my spaces and indentations and my bullets become flowers. I like flowers, don't get me wrong, but I've never been one to add flowers and smiley faces and hearted dots to my writing.

I can assume this is a user error, so someone please tell me where I've erred.


Kacie said...

Hi Kim, your post from yesterday came through just fine on our computer. There weren't any flowers and it was formatted just fine.

Dyer Importance... said...

I have the same trouble. I usually see how it looks and then go back and re-edit it. About the bullets, I think that is connected with the background you selected. :) Try going into your settings to change it. Keep in mind that this advice is coming from someone who has spent roughly 8 hours on the phone the DELL since Saturday trying to figure out what is wrong with my computer!