Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Teddy Dean

Teddy found his way into Daddy's lap this morning before we all headed to the seminary. Here they are, each looking very handsome.

These are some things I want to remember about Teddy at 14 months of age:

Teddy doesn't walk all the time now, but he walks more often than he crawls. His latest skill is carrying an object while walking. He gives great kisses. He will usually kiss me if I ask for one, but the best kisses are the ones he gives spontaneously. Teddy asks several times a day to take a bath, by signing bath and pointing to the bathroom. He gets angry and screams when I tell him it's not bath time. If his skin did not dry out so easily, I would give him a bath every time he asks; it's just so irresistably cute.

Ted sleeps in a crib with his blue blanket, wearing his blue sleep sack. When I come into the room to get him, he tugs at the sleep sack to remind me to remove it. Then he hands me his blanket to be sure it doesn't get left in the crib.

He has an infectious smile and if he can get me to smile, or, better yet, laugh, he will squeal in delight.

Sweet boy.


Bren said...

Happy Valentines Day, Ken and Kim and boys! We can see how much you all love each other daily!

Chris said...

I concur with Brenda :-)
And I don't think you could have picked a more appropriate name for "Teddy".

Kacie said...

Teddy is SO CUTE! In that top picture, he looks just like Kim, in the bottom, I could have sworn that was Calvin. :) Happy Valentines!