Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm Lost About Lost

Ken and I watch Lost on Thursday nights. It's on the calendar each week; it's our show. And last night for Valentine's Day, we snuggled on the couch and watched Lost. Actually, "snuggled" might not be the right word...I clenched Ken's arm and hid my face against his knee. It was romantic.

A few thoughts about the developments on Lost:

(WARNING: Even those who faithfully watch Lost find it cryptic at best. If you don't watch Lost and you read the rest of this post, you could get, well, lost.)
  • Ben is the mastermind, or the steward perhaps, of THE LIST.
  • I was not at all surprised to see Ben in Berlin, since we had already learned he is a world traveller with many aliases. Even that, though, was no surprise.
  • What is THE LIST??
  • THE LIST was mentioned before, last season I think. One of the Others (Cyclops? Quinn? I don't remember who) told one of the Oceanic survivors that they were "not on the list" and that another survivor "was on the list." Hmmm...
  • But last night's "LIST" could be a new "LIST" altogether.
  • Ben also said something about lists right after the Oceanic flight crashed. Remember? He yelled to Ethan and Quinn, "I want lists!" (Was his name Quinn? Now I'm not sure.)
  • Ben's psychologist/counselor lady gave Michael a list of names, survivors of the crash, that Michael was to deliver to Ben in exchange for Walt.
  • Sayid is working for Ben, his handler of sorts, to eliminate all those on "THE LIST."
  • Ben is really into lists.
  • Could THE LIST be all those who are unsympathetic to the Others? People that will be likely to harm the Others and whatever it is that Ben is trying to accomplish on the island? Is it a "kill or be killed" sort of thing?
  • Ben asks Sayid, "Do you want to protect your friends or don't you?" Is Ben referring to the 5 other "Oceanic 6" or to those left on the island? Or both?
  • Why did Naomi have a picture of Desmond and Penny if Naomi's boat is "not Penny's boat"? Was it a ruse?
  • So far, it is clear that the Oceanic 6 includes Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Hurley. I'm sure the 5th person will be Sawyer. Kate will not leave without him. Live together, Die alone.
  • Desmond saw a vision of Claire and Aaron leaving on a helicopter. Could be, but will Claire actually return to civilization, or just do a stint on Naomi's boat? Regardless, Claire is a clear contender for opening number six of the Oceanic 6.

Whew. Too many questions. Not enough answers. A fun brain exercise, nonetheless.

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Julie Curtis said...

Hi Ken and Kim,

Hey fellow Lost fans! So, according to last night's show, Claire is probably not one of the 6 but Erin is? What? Way too mind boggling and confusing. If it is so confusing, then why do we make sure we are home Thursday evenings???

How is life your end of the world? I see by past postings that you also like to make "lists" of various things. Maybe Ben is your buddy!!

Tom, Danny and I had dinner with Ian and Martha a few weeks ago. It was good to visit with them and see their new home in Apple Valley.

Life is busy for us with two teenagers. Never a dull moment. Ashley just asked me to "stay in my room" as she is having friends over tonight. I guess they don't like hanging out with the old people anymore.

Ashley had a temp job at Barnes and Nobles over the holidays. She worked in the Starbucks Cafe. We sure enjoyed that 50% discount!

Hope all is well. Until next Thursday....