Friday, February 8, 2008

A Morning at the Zoo

I headed out the door this morning with the boys to do an errand. It was sunny and warm enough to be comfortable without jackets. I said to the boys, "How about we spend the morning at the zoo?"

We entered the zoo gates and Calvin said, "Where is everybody?" I don't think most people think of going to the zoo in February! We nearly had the place to ourselves, as you can see:

Something fun about the Louisville Zoo is how much there is to do. The animals are exciting, but there are other activities, too. Like the old typewriter. It's by the hippopotamus exhibit (the hippos were not out today--still too cold for them), and Calvin just loves it. While he types, he says, "click, clack, moo" (quoting from one of his favorite books).

And then there's always plenty of mulch to play with...

We did see some animals, too. The zebras, giraffes (pretty smelly today), rhinos, and elephants. Did you know that African elephants' ears are shaped like the continent of Africa?

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Chris said...

I am very jealous that you could go to the zoo without a winter coat in February! Last night was a -50 wind chill! Lucky you!