Thursday, February 14, 2008

Little Artists

The boys and I went out this morning to visit the JB Speed Museum of Art on the University of Louisville campus. The museum has an interactive art gallery for children called ArtSparks. It is fabulous! I would usually rather stay in my own neighborhood than navigate downtown one-way streets, university campuses and parking ramps, but this was well worth the trip. We met some friends there, and all five of the children had a wonderful time exploring each exhibit. The gallery was fun and safe, even for our two one-year-olds. The museum staff greeted us and told us the kids could touch everything; they just couldn't run. Good rules.

The kids enjoyed the art studio, where they painted at easels. Here's my little artist-in-the-making....

He told me this is a picture of Curious George the monkey. Can't you tell?

I especially enjoyed seeing the boys do a "messy" project, but not have to clean the house afterward. This is Teddy's hand when we came home (the only evidence of our messy fun):

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