Friday, February 22, 2008


My sister and her two children visited us for the week!

We were all somewhat limited in what we could do during the week. We had sick kids, conflicting nap schedules, and rough weather. Even so, we managed to have some simple fun together. We walked to Target and played in the toy aisles. Always a hit with the kids. Ty and Cal camped out by the children's book section, happily paging through books on the floor ~

I had a chance to get reacquainted with sweet little Katherine. She was less than three months old when we moved away, so it was a joy to see her walking and talking and full of personality ~

We had some fun at the mall ~

Ann directed the older boys in making Valentine cookies. That lasted until the "don't eat the cookie dough" rule was broken one too many times.

Our biggest adventure of the week was venturing out during an ice storm to get treats at Dairy Queen.

And we spent a lot of time just playing (and surviving!) at home ~

Thanks for coming Ann! It was a blessing to see you and your family!


Chris said...

Hi Kim,
It's so great to keep cousins in touch. I remember some holidays that Brad's mom rented 3 high chairs for Easter when we were all together. It was pure chaos! But worth it. Not so sure about the ice storm adventure...the power of the D.Q.!

Kim said...

Chaos, indeed.