Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Boys Learn New Skills

Calvin is a new student at Southern Seminary!

In the Rec Center Motorskills class, that is. He went yesterday for his first class session, where they did basic skills assessment. Ken and I sat on the bleachers and watched him. The gym was full of young children, but Calvin was always easy to spot...he was the one standing when everyone else was sitting, running when everyone was crawling, lying down while everyone else was jumping...

And right at the beginning of class, as soon as the children were told to come down off the bleachers and out onto the gym floor, Calvin ran right to a small foam ramp, ran up the ramp, and tumbled head first off the end of the ramp.

Oh dear...

But he seemed to have a great time. The class schedule says they will work on running, jumping, balancing, hopping, leaping, skipping, catching, throwing, and kicking. What fun!

Teddy is learning new skills as well. He loves to throw and catch. When asked, he will point to his eyes, nose, mouth, and belly button. He has two new words, "Ball" and "More." He is also signing some words now. He does the signs for milk, please, and bath. That just about covers all the words a 13-month-old boy needs, right?

These are precious days, watching them grow so fast.

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