Thursday, March 6, 2008

Flat Stanley

A week or two ago, Calvin received a letter from his cousin Jackson. Inside was a laminated paper cutout called Flat Stanley. Accompanying Flat Stanley was the following explanation and request:

We are so excited you have received a Flat Stanley from a student in our 1st
grade class. This Stanley has come all the way from Carter Lake Elementary on
McCord Air Force Base in Lakewood, Washington. In the book Flat Stanley, the
character of Stanley becomes flat and is mailed to visit relatives in
California. As a class we decided to make our own Stanley's to mail to our
relatives and friends.

On the back of this paper is a journal sheet that you can fill out about what you did with Flat Stanley while he visited you. Feel free to take Stanley on an adventure and record that adventure on the journal page. You can also send pictures of you with Stanley or of Stanley on his adventure.

Our classes are very excited about getting our Stanley's back and sharing about all their adventures with our friends and relatives...It is very important to our
students to get their Stanley's back so don't forget to put him in the envelope
you send your journal page back in. Thank you for participating...and for making
this Flat Stanley experience a wonderful way for our students to learn about
letter writing, mail, and the postal service.

Isn't that so fun?

We didn't do anything hugely adventurous while Stanley visited; we just took him along to our normal activities. He was a wonderfully easy house guest. He went to Motor Skills class and watched from the bleachers. He went to library story time and heard all about farm animals. He went to the playground where he went down slides ~

and fell into a mud puddle (was thrown into a mud puddle is more accurate) ~

And he was carried around by Calvin, who shouted out to people passing by, "Look at my Flat Stanley!"

So, Jackson, Flat Stanley is in the mail and on his way back to you. I hope he gets there in time. Thanks for sharing Flat Stanley with us!


Anonymous said...
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Amy said...

I love the photo of poor Stanley in a mud puddle. That's just hysterical!
Calvin is a hoot. :)

Chris said...

You know I have been praying that I would get better at the whole overnight hospitality thing. I think Stanley just might be the kind of "starter" guest I would need!

Pat said...

I know that flat Stanley will not be going out. Saw on the internet you were getting snow, heavy snow. Oh yeah we've been in AZ for a month the weather is great here.

Pat said...

I know Flat Stanley will not be going out in the warm weather anytime soon. We saw that you were getting snow, heavy snow. Oh yeah did I tell you we have been house sitting in Phoenix for a month. Weather here is great.

Pat said...

I'm thinking Flat Stanley won't be out having a good time. We heard you're getting snow, heavy snow. Oh yeah did I tell you we are in AZ. We've been house sitting and the weather has been great.

Jennifer said...

Hey guys! Thanks so much for updating us on Flat Stanley's adventure. Looks like he had great fun!
Jackson was very happy to see his Stanley and can't wait to tell everyone about it.